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With The Band
  • With The Band


    A rubber band visually vanishes and finds a SIGNED card in the MIDDLE of the pack!  A must have for the working pro!






      With The Band by David Jonathan & Dan Harlan

      If history is any indicator when David Jonathan and Dan Harlan collaborate you get a great trick.  This is no exception.


      1. A card is freely selected and signed.
      2. It's clearly put into the middle of the deck.
      3. The deck is openly put into its box.
      4. A rubber band is wrapped around the closed card box.
      5. With a snap, the rubber band instantly vanishes!
      6. The deck is pulled out from the card box.
      7. The rubber band is found wrapped around the signed card


      Everything can be examined - there are NO GIMMICKS or difficult sleights and you end completely clean!  It's easy to do and gets huge reactions.

      David and Dan teach TWO versions of the effect, with different methods, that are both practical and interchangeable, so you can combine elements of each to see what works best for you!

      With The Band is a perfect opener, or it works great to transition from card to rubber band tricks (or vice versa).  Whether you're a working pro or a hobbyist, it's a real winner and it all works With The Band!




      “This has gone immediately into my repertoire.  It is so visual and unique - not like any other card trick I’ve ever seen before!“
      - Dan Harlan

      "This is absolute dynamite and will go into the working repertoires of magicians around the world!!!"
      - John Carey

      "I love the idea of combining cards with an everyday object like a rubber band. The routine is fun and the vanish looks like CGI in front of your eyes. I am sure you will use this!"
       - Nikolas Mavresis

      “A lot of commercial magic available isn't always exceptionally clever, just as a lot of clever magic isn't always exceptionally commercial... but With The Band has that rare balance of outside of the box thinking used for a killer workhorse effect! I love it.”
      - Kyle Purnell


      "This is easy to do and a great, great trick.  Well worth your money!"
      - Magic Orthodoxy


      "An extremely visual effect... the rubber band truly disappears right in front of their eyes!"
      - Chinese Magic Reviews


      “A really strong trick and a great way to segue from card to rubber band magic in a very interesting way.”
      - Erik Tait


      “This is a no brainer.  Really great trick!”
      - Nick Locapo




      This is an Instant Download of a 35-minute streaming / downloadable video, available to purchase over at Penguin Magic's website