David Jonathan Picture.jpg

David Jonathan has quickly emerged as a rising star in magic who has established a reputation for releasing innovative, practical effects to the community.

He was recently nominated for Inventor of The Year at the Penguin Magic Awards and his most popular release, SNAPS (co-created with Dan Harlan) won multiple Trick of The Year Awards.


He's collaborated with many of the top names in magic and has worked directly with the biggest companies in the industry to produce his creations (Murphy's Magic, Penguin Magic, Alakazam, The 1914, Mark Mason's JB Magic and more).

His signature style is to present mentalism with relatable topics, using visual props with diabolically clever methods (and of course he also loves card tricks because who doesn't, right?).

David is also a renowned lecturer, having presented his critically acclaimed lecture to more than 100 magic clubs spanning 18 different countries across the globe!


He currently resides in New York and, outside of magic, his other passions include golf, videogames, films, traveling to theme parks and spending time with his wife and two children.