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'Talk Magic' #2 with Nikolas Mavresis & Craig Petty

My partner in crime, Nikolas Mavresis, joins me for a chat with Craig Petty for a brand new interview for Magic TV. We shared insights as to what it's like working with a partner to create magic, shared lots of tips on creating magic and also delved into the business side of the magic industry. Craig also pried some info out of us as we teased some upcoming releases.

Penguin Magic Podcast


Erik Tait welcomed David to join the Penguin Magic podcast to discuss his approach to creativity, working with another creator on the other side of the globe, and a lot more.

Deceive Reality Podcast

Steve Spade & David Peace welcomed David as a guest on Ireland's fantastic Deceive Reality podcast.  The trio discussed the importance of collaboration in magic, creativity and also chatted about popular releases, such as SNAPS and Stroop Test.  David also shed some light on a few upcoming new releases and even gave scoops on two new products for the first time!

Magic & Mysticism Podcast with Tommy Burnett

David was a featured guest on the Magic & Mysticism podcast, where he shared his philosophy on performing, how to connect with an audience, career highlights, lecturing, influences and how the pandemic affected his magic. Of course he also gives lots of advice on how to create and successfully market your magic. David closed the session by talking a bit about his upcoming projects and gave a stunning performance of TOCAAN.

'Beyond Fame' with Daniel T. Geddes

In this interview, David discusses his views and tips on how to craft and hone a talent, especially as it relates to magic. He also shares advice on creativity and how to make your routines stand out from the rest.  He also talks about choosing the right props as these can either hinder or further aid in establishing a connection with our audiences. Along the way David performs a little magic and opens up about his background, inspirations and goals.

'Talk Magic' with Craig Petty

David sits down with the one and only Craig Petty to break down his career while sharing valuable advise on the way.  He talks about how he became a magician and the path he went down that took him from a keen hobbyist to one of the top creators in the world. Along the way David performs amazing magic, shares his views on the state of the industry and offers advice on creating, performing, lecturing and lots more.  

'Neo Magic Podcast' with Vinny Sagoo

David was a featured guest on Vinny Sagoo's Neo Magic Podcast, where we discussed how to create magic, pitching your ideas to the right company, the business side of the industry, how to stand out in the crowd and finally how to get your creative juices flowing!  If you have ever thought about releasing an effect, or just wondered how to ignite that creative spark, then this is one podcast that you will not want to miss!

'Live with Lunsford' with Tyler Lunsford

David joins Tyler Lunsford for a livestream to discuss the launch of SNAPS and highlights the behind the scenes scoops on Fourtunate and Sovereign Sandwich.  He also does a deep dive into his creative process, which is a goldmine of advice and information on how to create your own strong, impactful magic!  He closes things out with a Q&A to answer all your questions live!

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