I'm pleased to offer my virtual lecture completely for free to magic clubs or groups of any size through the Zoom platform.


For this two hour lecture, I have handpicked some of my favorite creations to teach, and I’ll also pull back the curtain on the creative process to share my tips creating magic.  You will also get a first look at some incredible unpublished effects!

Everything you will learn is practical, workable material that is easy to do.  The majority of the effects involve cards of sorts, but also photographs, dice, symbols, books and even UNO cards. The first half of the lecture is focused on magic, while the second half is all mentalism routines.

Following the lecture, there will be exclusive discounts and bundles offered only to the attendees.


So if your local club or group is ready to have fun learning some awesome magic, please send me a message on any social platform or at davidjonathanmagic@gmail.com to book a date and time.


Remember, there is no fee for the virtual lecture and I look forward to the opportunity to share my work with you!

Here's What Clubs Have Said About The Lecture:

"David’s lecture elicited more positive comments from the members than any other lecturers we’ve had, in person or otherwise."

- Don Wiberg, President of Magic Masters of Chicago & former IBM President 1984-85

"I've been attending lectures for over 40 years - I've seen almost everyone from Al Goshman to Herb Zarrow, and your lecture is one of the best I’ve seen!"

- Joe Berman, President of IBM Ring 280

"Absolutely brilliant lecture.  Great tricks and an even more interesting presentation on creativity... book it ASAP!"

- Adrian Tritton, Associated Wizards of The South

"Phenomenal.  Definitely a must see lecture!"

- Donna Cardella, SAM #168

"We had a great time with our new friend David Jonathan, who did a WONDERFUL lecture for us. David has some incredible magic and was very generous with his time and his talent... if your club has not had the chance to host a lecture by David, get in touch with him right now - you won't be sorry."

- Alan Fisher, President of IBM Ring 252

"A brilliant night - it was both entertaining and inspiring.  Our members are raving over the magic they saw!"

- Steve Majes, Secretary of The Anglian Magic Society

"AMAZING!! Much great magic was learned and some great theory on the creation of effects was discussed!"

- Wendy Wylde, President of the Mile High Magicians Society

"David shared a treasure trove of practical effects for the working magician. His lecture is sure to add at least a gem or two to even the most seasoned magician."

- Marc Wegkamp, President of Johannesburg Magic Circle

"Absolutely amazing!"

- Pete Donnelly, Vice President of Medway Magical Society

"I REALLY enjoyed your lecture.  Nice to see some card magic without emphasizing the sleights.  And SO creative."

- Ron Hodges, Secretary of Spokane Magic Club

"Thoroughly enjoyed your lecture last night - just brilliant."

- David Hand, Treasurer of Hull Magicians Circle

"I've seen over 150 lectures and this was one of the top three in terms of quality, the thinking and how clearly you presented everything."

- Fred King, IBM Ring 280


"A superb evening, full of magic with clear explanations and everything was brilliantly presented.  Your insight into the creative process was particularly interesting and inspiring!"

- Craig Walker, Leeds Magic Circle

"GREAT lecture!  David is very creative and a wonderfully skilled professional.  His stuff is well thought out and they are "worker" material."

- Ken Spanola, Treasurer of Tampa Magic Club

"David performed user friendly 'workers' that can be used virtually or in-person with lots of 'no way!' moments.  It was unanimous among club members that David's lecture is a 'do not miss this' event!"
- Scot Grassette, Secretary of AM Assembly #174 (Atlanta Society of Magicians)

"Has to be the best Zoom lecture I have seen."

- Scott Hood, Vice President of IBM Ring 12

"I highly recommend David's lecture to any club looking to learn innovative magic and, more importantly, to learn the process of creating their own cutting-edge effects!"

- Lee Woodside, Secretary of OKC Magic Club

"You packed a lot of great magic and wisdom into a 2 hour timeframe.  Everyone has sent comments about how much they enjoyed it."

- Edmund Apperson, President of IBM Ring 63

"An excellent lecture that I recommend to everyone.  He is a great artist and creator of beautiful effects and ideas."

- Leo Monopoli, Conferenze Magiche (Italian Magic Society)

"Simply amazing!  Succinct, direct and incredible magic."

- Steve McCoy, President of SAM Assembly #30

"A very entertaining, enjoyable and informative lecture.  Good variety and very creative ideas - he certainly has a very deep knowledge of his craft."

- Mike Price, Vice President of The Leamington & Warwick Magic Society

"An incredibly wonderful lecture.   Highly recommended to any group looking for unique, practical, easy to do magic."

- Maria Ibanez, President of IBM Ring 390

"Our lecture series has hosted many well known, celebrated magicians and David is without a doubt one of the best.  He is very knowledgable, communicates concepts clearly and the effects are easy to do and understand.  Members have said that he's THE best lecturer we have had."

- JD Stewart, The New Magic Academy

"I've been involved with many lectures over the years, and yours was among the best!  I really enjoyed your friendly and warm personality and the effects were eye popping, suitable for close-up and/or stage, the hobbyist or the pro!  Your creativity section was also terrific and provided excellent insight."

- Ken Frehm, President of IBM Ring 74

"I highly recommend this lecture to any group looking for something different."

- Steve Zuehlke, IBM Ring 1

"A brilliant lecture.  Every item was well thought through and very commercial.  It was good to see a departure from pure card tricks with some clever endings and novel twists"

- Bob Yelland, Winchester Magical Society

"One of the best lectures I've seen as it had entertaining routines, great teaching, brilliant methods and incredibly strong magic.  There's been nothing but overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic feedback."

- Neal Austin, Secretary of the Portsmouth & District Magic Circle


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