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Stroop Test
  • Stroop Test


    A stunning demonstration of influence wrapped

    up in a fascinating psychological phenomenon!


      Created by David Jonathan & Nikolas Mavresis

      Stroop Test blends real science with real magic to predict your spectator’s choices 100% of the time.  It is a fantastic icebreaker that checks all the boxes and packs flat so you can carry it wherever you go!

      Here’s what happens:
      A set of Stroop cards is introduced that have the names of the colors printed on them, but the ink is in a different color than what it reads.  After your participant takes the fun psychological test by naming the colors, the premise is pushed even further as you reveal their mind was subliminally influenced during the experiment.  To prove this, they are asked to name a number and the cards are counted to that position.  The color on the card arrived at is shown to match a prediction made before the demonstration even started!

      As an optional second phase, you gather up the Stroop cards and give them a mix. The spectator selects any card, remembers either color on it, then shuffles it back into the packet while your head is turned away.  Without asking any questions, you can divine the exact color they are thinking of!

      * Instant reset
      * Easy to do (it's self working - no sleights at all!)
      * No Gimmicks
      * Free choice of number (no limitations)
      * No weird spelling or counting procedures
      * Works 100% of the time

      Stroop Test is the perfect pocket mentalism routine!

      Available in English or Spanish printed cards (choose the option above)!




      "Absolutely fantastic. Super commercial, engaging, easy to do and instant reset. Superb!"
      - Chris Congreave

      "Stroop Test ticks all the boxes. Captivating, engaging and magical. The method is devious, making this a magician and audience pleaser."
      - Joel Dickinson

      "I've been looking for a good Stroop Test routine for ages and I finally found it! This is commercial, it makes sense and is going straight in my close-up and online sets!"
      - Luca Volpe

      "A clever method hidden within an interesting presentation. Win-win."
      - Manos Kartsakis

      "This is exactly the kind of magic I love. Clean, smart, strong, simple and very practical."
      - Haim Goldenberg

      “One go my go-to effects.  I love to involve real psychological principles and unusual experiments in my work.  I really take pleasure in performing this!”
      - Dan Harlan

      "Lovely routine, excellent approach"
      - Jan Forster

      "It’s fun, it’s different and it's a great every day carry."
      - Magic Orthodoxy

      "It always gets a great reaction. I love absolutely everything about this!  It's fantastic and well worth getting. 100%"
      - Craig Petty

      "An enjoyable routine and a nice step away from the standard repertoire."
      - David Regal



      This is a physical item that will be shipped to you typically within 24 hours of the purchase.  The package comes complete with the custom printed cards, a packet trick wallet to store them and a link to over 45 minutes of online video instructions from Dan Harlan, David Jonathan & Nikolas Mavresis (which can be streamed or downloaded).