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Sovereign Sandwich
  • Sovereign Sandwich


    A Unique, Hands-Off Evolution of The Sandwich Plot!


        Welcome to the first sandwich routine where the spectator makes the sandwich entirely on their own in the action of them shuffling the deck!  Here is exactly how the effect plays out: The performer displays the two black kings - our "target cards". The spectator shuffles the pack, then selects & signs ANY card. They bury it back in the deck. The spectator now genuinely shuffles and cuts the deck. Immediately after they are done mixing, the cards are spread face up. The signed card is found sandwiched between the two black kings! The cards can be examined! The devious gimmicks do nearly all the work.  Sovereign Sandwich is a magician fooler that is easy to perform and makes your spectator the star!


        "A fun piece of magic!  Worth checking out if you like sandwich effects."
        - William Draven

        "A clever idea and a solid effect."
        - Peter Eggink

        "It's really mindblowing and it will baffle your spectators. 9.8/10!"
        - Tyler Lunsford

        "Sovereign Sandwich hits on all counts... I highly recommend this one. Easy to do and it's a fooler. This is one that will go into your closeup case."
        - Jim Canaday (The Magic Portal)

        "The gimmicks are perfectly hidden in the deck and this fools laymen and magicians alike.  If you like sandwich tricks that you could do really easily without any knucklebusting sleights, this is a great one!"
        - Magic Orthodoxy

        "Perfect for the close up card magicians who dont mind using gimmicks, but like to end their routines clean, and also enjoy fooling other magicians.  It is so smart - I absolutely love it!"
        - Miss Katalin

        "A Hidden Gem Fooler!  David has come up with a real winner that is super deceptive and impossible to reconstruct. There are multiple concepts at work and two simple gaffs. The handling is simple. This will fool magicians and laymen alike. Even when you see the gaffs, you still won’t know how it’s done. Very clever and David’s teaching is fantastic.  5/5"
        - Eric Meyers

        “It’s a strong effect… genuinely really good!”
         - The Propdog Team


        This is a physical item that will be shipped to you typically within 24 hours of the purchase.  The package includes the gimmicks and a link to the tutorial.