A Revolutionary Visual Concept In Magic & Mentalism!


  • SNAPS by David Jonathan & Dan Harlan (Produced by Penguin Magic)

    Dan Harlan and myself are very proud to present SNAPS!  It took a massive amount of work to bring this project to life over the past three years, but it was a true labor of love.  This is not just a trick - it is a game-changing utility, that hides in plain sight, and elevates the impact of your magic and mentalism!


    SNAPS consists of two stunning packs of cards with gorgeous full-color photographs that have a hidden secret that is too good to share here.  With these photos, you will be able to reveal words, numbers, names, places, playing cards, symbols, just about anything!  Printed by the USPCC on their highest quality stock, and expertly designed by the legend Phill Smith, the attention to detail is immediately apparent the moment you open the box.


    Imagine the possibilities you can explore with the unique SNAPS photo system:

    • Spell a spectator's name in the photos that they just mixed
    • Transform the memory of a thought of image inside a spectator's mind
    • Captivate audiences with a reputation-making book test with multiple climaxes
    • Read minds and reveal a spectator's thoughts within the photographs
    • ... and that is only scratching the surface of what can be accomplished!


    These aren't just ideas to get you creating, these are some of the actual effects taught on the project (over a dozen routines in total!), and that’s just the beginning of where SNAPS will take you.

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