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  • RudiMental


    A Series of Astounding Semi-Automatic Effects Where The Spectator Is The Star!


      RudiMental is a collection of self-working, or semi-automatic, effects share the key underlying theme that the spectator becomes the star, getting all the credit for the small miracles they just seemed to perform. Rudimental contains a variety of unique effects, most of which are hands off, and are very deceptive, yet simple in method. At their core, the foundation of each piece uses a practical, time-honored method that has been modernized, re-worked and applied in unique new ways.


      Each effect is supplemented with a presentation script, multiple detailed photos and many additional tips, ideas and subtleties. In addition to the 55-page booklet, RudiMental is also a full multimedia experience with links to nearly 1 HOUR OF STREAMING VIDEO that provides an in-depth walkthrough of how to execute the key elements of each routine.

      The following effects are included:

      A unique approach to the bill serial number divination plot, where the participant correctly predicts the serial number of one of their own random bills. It appears so fair, clean and direct that the performer seemingly has no way to influence the outcome


      A nearly self-working CAAN / Open Prediction style effect that combines coins and cards with a compelling presentation. This different, engaging effect ends clean and the performer never touches the cards. It relies on an old principle that has been updated and breathes life into new possibilities that can be applied beyond this one effect.


      A poker demonstration where the participant fairly chooses every card of their hand and unbelievably ends up with the best hand in poker. The principle used in this effect is very powerful and can be applied to a variety of other tricks. An alternate presentation is also included.


      This is one of the most fair and direct approaches to Any Card At Any Number that strictly follows the core criteria of the plot and is completely hands off. Most descriptions of ACAAN effects are “they name a card, they name a number… they deal down and it’s there,” but when you actually see the effect, you discover that’s far from the truth and there is a lot of unjustified procedure involved. When you imagine how an ideal ACAAN should look, you’ll see that Reflections delivers. Three versions are taught.

      Key Points to Remember: A normal deck is used (the deck can be borrowed in many scenarios). The effect works 100% of the time. It is entirely hands off- the performer never touches the cards. No pre-show, no stooges, no accomplices, no crib sheets, no equivoque, no math/calculations, no memorization, no stacked deck and no deck switches. The spectator can name ANY card and ANY number they like (100% free choices). The spectator deals the cards and turns over the final card. The deck is in full view before the card and number are named. It resets quickly and is easy to do.


      This takes the principle explored in Reflections (ACAAN) and streamlines the handling by adding gimmicks to deliver an ultra-clean, fair and hands-off ACAAN while still adhering to many of the key points of the core criteria of the plot. The effect initially takes place in the spectator’s mind and ultimately culminates with their imagination transitioning to reality.


      If you're seeking effects that will knock your audience's socks off, while still being self-working or semi-automatic and well disguised, then you'll be thrilled to perform effects from RudiMental.




      This is an Instant Download of a 55-page digital PDF file, available immediately to download after purchase.  This eBook contains dozens of photos for each effect for added clarity, plus the PDF contains links to YouTube videos with over 1 hour of added video tuition.




      "David Jonathan has packed RudiMental with excellent material. The effects are strong performance pieces with simple methods. Serial Sense will become a regular routine for me."

      - Joel Dickinson


      "Pick it up, enjoy the read, and "Reflections" is excellent!  If someone were to perform this on me, I'd have no clue how the heck it happened."

      - Tom Phoenix


      "For me, the routines "Counting Change," and both ACAANs were worth the price of the book...  The ACAAN is brilliant. Very clean, easy to do and commercial. I could see this playing very well for audiences. Every action is motivated and well thought out... I give this my recommendation and highly suggest you pick this up."
      - Dustin Dean


      "Just finished having a read and I really enjoyed it! For me the stand outs were Counting Change, the method is brilliant, and Reflections... Overall well worth the $20 price point! Fantastic job!"

      - Josh Janousky