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    A hands off stunner thats packs a surprise twist so good you will hear their jaws hit the floor!


      PROFILE is an incredibly fun and engaging personality test effect that happens to use a pack of cards.

      Four questions are asked to the spectator, who deals their responses to arrive at a random card.

      A prediction is read and things take a hilarious and stunning twist towards the amazing surprise climax!

      Key Points:

      • Super easy to do - no sleights, no memory work
      • Can be performed 100% hands off - you never touch the cards
      • Uses a regular examinable pack of cards
      • Immediately resets, or use the same deck to go into any other effect
      • All answers can spell in different amounts of letters
      • Multiple versions are taught - each with their own unique kicker endings
      • Compatible with English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian & Hebrew languages (more can potentially be added)

      PROFILE is as fun as it is fooling, and it may just become your new favorite go-to effect!



      "Such a clean and direct effect - and the subtle gimmick is the icing on the cake."
      - Angelo Carbone

      “I love getting fooled with an old plot, which David & Nikolas have breathed new life into. It’s such a fun effect - I really love this and I am excited to perform it.”
      - Ryan Schlutz

      “A lovely self working effect, with a kicker surprise ending they don’t see coming!”
      - Steve Gore

      "That’s brilliant!  Fooled the crap out of me!"
      - Chris Congreave

      “A very well thought out routine and I love the kicker ending!”
      - Wayne Fox

      "Pardon my French here folks, but F*%ING WOW, Nikolas and David have totally nailed it with PROFILE.  Just watched the performance video and I was giggling like a school kid.  I absolutely love everything about it.  Fantastic routine with the cheekiest of methods, you guys are the epitome of 'work smart, not hard'.  Congrats on another reputation maker gents!"
      - Mick Wilson

      "Such a smart method!"
      - Luke Dancy

      "Definitely one of the best tricks of 2023 for me!"
      - Ron Timmer

      "David fooled me HARD with this before it was released. It is a brilliant practical method, such a commercial routine and a real fooler."
      - Craig Petty

      “One of the best tricks of 2023 for sure!  It is super strong, incredibly easy and incredibly enjoyable.
      - Alex Kirk

      "David and Nikolas have created a GENIUS effect that I have performed and still have no idea how it works - it just does!  100% REGULAR DECK and it seems too good to be true.  Honestly it's AMAZING and I highly recommend this!"
      - Harry Nardi

      "I LOVE this! I have so many great things to say about this - it is a perfect trick!"
      - Magic Orthodoxy

      "I really like this!  I'm giving it 95%"
      - David Penn (Wizard Magic Review)

      “This is going straight into my close up case! The method is genius and it should be in every magicians toolkit because it’s so easy to use and so powerful.”
      - Alexis De La Fuente

      "Easily my favorite card effect of the year.  I have seen a lot of magic and methods but this is truly remarkable."
      - Gaz Lawrence


      This is a physical item that will be shipped to you typically within 24 hours of the purchase.  It includes custom designed props, access to a 40 page PDF and over 1.5 hours of video instructions.