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    Exclusive $15 discount off David's acclaimed Penguin LIVE lecture!


      "David is one of my favorite creators in the whole of the magic world. He has an uncanny ability to streamline and simplify effects whilst making them incredibly powerful and multilayered. Many of the tricks I perform in my working sets have been his creations. His material is strong, commercial and incredibly well structured. David’s Penguin Live is destined to become one of the best the platform has ever seen."
      - Craig Petty

      "David invents the kind of magic I love performing. Smart plots, fun methods and diabolically fooling material!"
      - Adam Wilber

      "I just love everything David's mind comes up with. I love practical, clever methods and he has a very unique way of combining those to create some amazing effects!"
      - Titanas

      "I'm a big fan of David's creations. They are always clever, commercial and surprisingly simple to do. He not only creates effects that instantly capture your audience, but his easy to follow and in-depth teaching style is a pleasure to watch. If you have an opportunity to learn from David, take it and thank me later!"
      - Peter Nardi

      "I've seen hundreds of lectures over the years, but only saw a mere handful who know how to lecture - David is part of that elite group. His material, scripting, sequencing and originality are superb!"
      - Anthony Darkstone

      "David is one of the most clever creators today! His releases are now in the repertoire of many performers worldwide and I am sure you will find many gems in his lecture!"
      - Luca Volpe

      "Very few people can create the sheer volume of unique effects David has; but the thing that stands out to me about his work is that everything is extremely streamlined, without sacrificing impact. If you're looking for powerful and interesting magic, regardless of your skill level, this lecture is one that you don't want to miss!"
      - Dee Christopher

      WHO IS HE?

      David Jonathan has quickly emerged as a star creator, having worked directly with the biggest companies in the industry to produce best-selling effects. His signature style is to mix mentalism & mental magic with relatable topics and engaging props.

      David has received many notable accolades in recent years, including being awarded Creator of The Year by MagicTV, winning Trick of The Year at the Penguin Magic Awards & The Magic Cafe (for SNAPS) and he was most recently presented Lecture of The Year by Alakazam Magic.

      In his very first Penguin Live, David will be teaching incredible effects coupled with very clever methods that are practical, deceptive and can be done by any skill level!


      Strange Dice
      - A wonderful self-working match up style effect with flash cards that concludes with a shocking prediction to tie it all together.

      FLIX - Three shows are selected from a watch list of Netflix's highest rated series. You open your Netflix app and show that the titles they chose are the most recent ones you watched! You will learn a very cool force that you can use across all your magic as well as a neat revelation using the Netflix app.

      The Drinking Game - Three business cards with mystery drinks written on them are mixed and handed to each person. They make all the decisions, yet your isolated prediction matches in a surprising and very humorous way!

      Ideal Meal - An engaging routine about the fun and relatable topic of food where you predict the four course meal that a participant ultimately selects. You will learn a brand new approach to a classic principle with applications that extend beyond this one effect.

      Clue: Case Closed – A very clean and fooling take on the classic murder mystery plot using authentic Clue game cards! They freely name any suspect, weapon and location and the evidence shows their instincts were 100% spot on!

      You Know (UNO) - A mind-boggling mentalism routine using UNO cards that enhances an underused principle to create an unbelievable hands-off effect that is somehow self-working!

      Sovereign Sandwich - David's go-to magician fooler! It's a sandwich effect where THEY genuinely shuffle the deck and discover their signed card ends up between the two black kings - exactly where you said it would be! You will learn gimmicked and ungimmicked versions, as well as some new touches that make this gem even stronger!

      Feeling Lucky - Most people use playing cards to play games, gamblers use them to try to win money and magicians to do tricks... this fantastic hands-off routine combines all three in a way that will surprise, amuse and completely amaze you! It’s a powerhouse routine with a shockingly clever, self-working method that you will absolutely love.

      Creativity Crash Course - David pulls back the curtain and guides you through a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of how to create an effect - from the initial idea all the way through the final refinements. The advice and techniques taught will not only spark your creativity, but will also help improve your existing routines. [Note this is an extended 30 minute version that is much longer and more in depth than the one you may have had access to as part of my other club lectures]


      This is an Instant Download of David Jonathan's Penguin Live lecture.  You will get his 2.5 hour lecture, a 30 min video packed with a goldmine of advice on how to create magic,  a 25-minute streaming / downloadable video, a table of contents PDF and an additional 19 page lecture notes PDF jam packed with extra information for every effect taught!


      Here are reviews from verified buyers:

      "David is a genius. I watched nearly all Penguin LIVE lectures from the beginning until around 2018, and then some of their lectures since. This is one the best, maybe *the* best, lecture of all time!  Thank you for sharing your ideas, your tricks and your concepts on being creative."

      "Outstanding information and ideas - and the extra lecture, about creating magic is well worth MORE than the cost of the main lecture!" 

      "Such a good lecture from a pro. David teaches some amazing effects."

      "Fantastic!  Solid and easy to do miracles.... just get this!!"

      "The best Penguin Live of 2022 so far.  If this lecture isn't at least nominated for lecture of the year, that would be an injustice. In fact, I think there's a good chance it should WIN that award. If you like magic that's easy to do and actually FOOLS people, you'll LOVE this lecture! What's more, David Jonathan goes the extra mile and includes a PDF with further details on each routine as well as custom printable artwork.  Among those details are links to where you can buy the few, inexpensive props you might not already have. Plus, you get a second video detailing David's creative process so you can use similar approaches when developing your own magic.  In short, David packed a lot of additional value into what you get for your money when you purchase this lecture. Hopefully, more and more lecturers will follow these value-added approaches now that Mr. Jonathan has set the bar so high.  In addition to the killer effects themselves, this lecture also contains instruction regarding versatile principles you can adapt in many ways in your own routines. One of those principles, applied in David's routine "Clue: Case Closed" takes something you already know in a cunning, devious new direction. Of course, that's just ONE example. Each of the eight routines in this lecture is one I will use, and you probably will too. If you do, your audiences are going to love them.  Add to cart!"

      "Intelligent magic and great value!  This is advice to sink your teeth in.  So much more then just tricks - the value you get out of this is really great. Great teaching of how to think about Magic!!! Highly recommended!"

      "I watched this lecture today and I don't think anyone else should as I'm selfish and want to keep the routines to myself.  I found myself saying things like "no way, you clever so and so, and I want to father your children".  Magicians - get this lecture as it's simply mind blowing. There's something for everyone of all skill levels. David creates effects that are hard hitting, foolers but most importantly, entertaining. He has gone far beyond with what he has provided. Two videos and two PDF'S with everything you need and/or links where to buy them. Hugely recommended!"