Ideal Meal

Ideal Meal


Predict the meal your spectator will order!


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    Ideal Meal is an engaging routine with beautifully designed props that is all about the fun and relatable topic of food!  It's practical, easy to do, packs flat, instantly resets and audiences absolutely love it. This is the perfect effect for beginners and pros alike!

    The Effect:
    A collection of cards with different drinks, appetizers, entrees and desserts from a variety of restaurants are introduced. Your participant uses these as a menu of sorts to order a four course meal.  Once their choices are made, all the cards are turned over to reveal prices on the backs, with each item having a different value. Their selections are summed and that total amount matches your prediction!

    You will love how the ancient principle at play has been enhanced and camouflaged in a brand new way that hides and improves the workings, while also unlocking new features that elevate the routine.

    •  No gimmicks or gaffs

    •  Completely self-working and incredibly easy to perform

    •  Instantly resets

    •  Every item's price is different. As part of the routine, you can show other choices sum to another total

    •  Multiple handlings taught

    •  No table necessary, it can be performed entirely in the hands - perfect for strolling!

    •  Can be performed hands off

    •  Works great over Zoom in addition to real world performances

    •  Customize the prediction to your style (money, a gift card, billets, etc.)

    •  Custom printed cards on plastic PVC stock for durability (if they get dirty just wipe them clean!)


    Available in three different currencies: Dollars, Euros & Pounds (please select the desired option when ordering). If your local currency is not listed, a logical alternate presentation is included which is suitable no matter where you live (just choose a currency from a region that you could have visited).



    This is a physical item that will be shipped to you in 24-48 hours after purchase.  The package comes with the specially printed cards, custom tuck case, a link to 50 minutes of online video instructions (which can be streamed or downloaded) and a PDF with additional ideas.


    “Ideal Meal is an ideal miracle. It’s unique, engaging & baffling. This is the Michelin Star of magic that leaves your spectators well satisfied. Highly recommended!”
    - Joel Dickinson

    “David is the master at taking classic effects and bringing them into the modern day world.  Not only is this hard hitting and fun to perform, but it is DEAD EASY making it perfect for both workers and beginners alike. Ideal Meal gets a *muah!* chef’s kiss from me!”
    - Michael O’Brien

    "Ideal Meal is like a 5-star prix fixe meal with the perfect dessert ending! I love it!”
    - Apollo Riego

    "There's three things that my favorite magic needs to be: direct, baffling and practical. Ideal Meal is the real deal!"
    - Kyle Purnell

    “A self-working reinvention of a foolproof classic mentalism method with a fun theme.  If you're in the market for a solid commercial prediction effect where the spectators do 99% of the work, you should check out Ideal Meal.”
    - Phill Smith

    “A fun little miracle! The cards are very professional looking and it’s so easy to do it allows you to focus on your presentation.”
    - Magic Orthodoxy

    “I had the pleasure to see this before the release and it is very clever, engaging and fun to perform!”
    - Luca Volpe

    “I now perform this all the time. An outstanding concept, a well-made effect and a true “magic miracle” for your audience."
    - Joel Zaritsky