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    You draw a prediction.  They stop on any card.  It matches!

      From David Jonathan and Mark Mason comes an incredible prediction effect!  A circle is drawn on the cellophane of a card box, which you show to your spectator.  You now draw one card inside the circle, your prediction, and place the box face down.  Next, you hand the deck to your spectator and they deal the cards face up one at a time.   They can stop dealing whenever they like - they really can stop anywhere! They can even change their mind and deal more cards if want to.  The card box is flipped over to show that drawn smack bang in the middle of the circle is the exact card they stopped on Yes, it really is that clean!


      The best part?  After the performance, you are instantly reset to perform again and the outcome may be different - it's not always the same card!  There is no need to ever replace the cellophane or the box.


      The method is so clever that you will smile from ear to ear when you learn the secret.


      FOURTUNATE ticks all the boxes:


      Instant reset

      Super practical

      Very easy to perform

      Entirely self-contained

      Different outcomes are possible

      Brilliant method

      This is a worker's dream that you will instantly add to your set!




      "The method is freggin' AWESOME! Such a smart and practical piece of magic that does exactly what you see in the trailer"
      - Luke Dancy


      "This is a wonderful prediction effect.  There’s a lot of time and effort that was put into this - it’s a very elaborate device and something I’ve never seen before... This is a brilliant idea!"
      - Magic Orthodoxy (FULL REVIEW)


      "This might be my favorite magic gimmick of 2019.  This is incredible!  9.7/10"
      - Tyler Lunsford (FULL REVIEW)

      “An utterly brilliant idea!”
      - Dave Bonsall (


      "A very clever gimmick that's very well made... makes you think my god, this is real magic!."
      - James Anthony (


      "It is the best prediction trick I've seen in my life."
      - Julio Ribera, Magia & Cardistry (FULL REVIEW)

      “It’s as clean as it looks and you will be amazed by the method!”
      - Craig Petty


      "This is superb... It's super-clean and super-clever."
      - Adrian Fowell (


      "A very, very clever gimmick"
      - Kaan Akdogan


      "Fourtunate is really easy to perform.  With this effect, even a beginner can look like a professional magician."
      - Chinese Magic Reviews


      "Fourtunate is one of those rare tricks that is more amazing in real life than it is on paper."
      - The Vanishing Inc Team


      "Method-wise it's low tech, self contained and James Bondian - just what I like to play with."
      - Tony Iacoviello


      "Genius method. I love ingenuity of this caliber."
      - AJ Constantine


      "I have used it a number of times now and it just floors people.  5/5"
      - Erroll Robinson

      "WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is freaking A W E S O M E!  10 thumbs up"
      - Mike Newman

      "David created another winner... It's so much fun to use I can't put it down"
      - Adam Heller


      "This is one you will use and not regret. So few effects present in real life as they do in the promo. This one does"
      - David Dellman




      This is a physical item that will be shipped to you typically within 24 hours of the purchase.  The package comes complete with a very special gimmicked card case, the necessary cards to perform the effect and a link to the online video instructions (which can be streamed or downloaded).