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Fortuity 2
  • Fortuity 2


    An incredible prediction of a created card from a rainbow deck!


      Fortuity 2 is the latest update on David Jonathan's masterpiece.  Brace yourself for an electrifying twist on his all-time best-selling prediction effect that will leave your spectators utterly astounded!

      Picture this: An envelope that contains a prediction is handed to your spectator. You now introduce a rainbow deck and tell your spectator that they are going to create a playing card by choosing one of the back designs and values.

      A pair of dice is handed to your spectator, which they roll to generate a random number (or they can imagine rolling the dice in their mind). You cleanly count to this number from either end of the rainbow deck and remove their chosen back design. The deck is now completely spread to show that there really is only one card with this unique back design.

      The dice are rolled a second time and once again the cards are counted from either end of the deck to arrive at a random face value. The deck is completely spread to show absolutely no duplicates are in play. In essence, your spectator has created a random playing card from these two free selections.

      You now ask them to open the envelope that they have been holding on to and inside is the exact card that has been created - the back design and the value both match perfectly!

      The beauty of Fortuity lies in its simplicity – so easy that even a beginner can master it with just a few minutes of practice.

      No loaded dice, no sleight of hand – just pure, unadulterated magic.

      Roll any number, showcase all cards front and back – Fortuity 2 defies the ordinary, making every performance a mesmerising spectacle!

      • Very easy to do, even a beginner could do it
      • Any numbers can be rolled (you use imaginary dice if you like)
      • All the cards can be fully shown both front and back.
      • Absolutely zero sleight of hand!
      • Resets in a matter of seconds.



      "A highly puzzling routine that combines very clever thinking to produce a piece of magic that is easy to do but looks impossible."
      - Paul Romhany

      "Absolutely brilliant and practically self working. Highly recommended."
      - Steve Dela

      “Easy to do, easy reset, packs small, different. WIN!”
      - Steve Rowe

      "Stunning and totally astonishing... guaranteed to knock it out of the park every time."
      - Straight Talk Magic Reviews

      "Very well made and very baffling.”
      - David Penn

      "Fortuity is a lucky strike of a gold mine of spectator reactions waiting to be harvested. If you’re going to carry around a gimmicked deck that does only one trick, then let it be this one!"
      - William Draven

      "You could fool magicians with this effect. I absolutely love it!"
      - Ekaterina

      "This is a very smart routine that you will be performing in no time!  It's self-working, it's amazing, it's kick ass... you are really going to enjoy it!"
      - Miss Katalin

      "Even if the plot is an existing one, David has added several ideas and subtleties which completely throw off the spectator, especially regarding the method!  I really, really like this!"
      - Alexis De La Fuente

      “I absolutely love this trick… it’s so fooling and baffling. It’s killer!”
      - Dave Loosley

      “If you’re looking for a really cool, commercial card routine that you could do anytime anywhere, this is a great one!”
      - Craig Petty

      "David has proved himself quite inventive in the past but I think he may have reached a new pinnacle with Fortuity.  It's a powerful, killer routine that is easy to do, very eye catching and will totally fry anyone you perform it for."
      - Jim Canaday

      "David Jonathan’s Fortuity is unexplainable and it’s so – so easy!"
      - Magic Orthodoxy 

      "The effect is easy to understand but more importantly, easy to perform.  I like this very much. Highly recommended."
      - Bernard Sim

      "A straightforward and strong effect, and without doubt very fooling."
      - Phil Sweeting

      "If you like the idea of performing with a deck that will garner immediate attention and deliver a routine that hits hard, I can strongly recommend Fortuity."
      - Wayne Kawamoto

      "This is one of our favorites here in the shop. A very powerful effect and easy to do. Customers that see it buy it!  You can't go wrong with Fortuity."
      - Howard Katz

      "An ABSOLUTE WORKER!  This one goes into the MUST HAVE, MUST USE pile.  A self working piece of brilliance!"
      - Mark Call

      "You can see the effort that went into creating this... Highly recommended!  Excellent reactions."
      - Martin Reber

      "Easy to perform so you can have lots of fun with participants.  It never fails to astound them."
      - Tom Rolfe

      "As a professional and a dealer I see a lot on the market. Just get this one. It may be the best and smoothest application of a great card trick in years. Thrilled to have this effect. 100% worker."
      - Jonathan Todd Excelsior

      "If you like mental magic, this is about as fair as it gets. With the right patter, this will fool all your spectators.. including many magicians."
      - Rick Carruth


      This is a physical item that will be shipped to you typically within 24 hours of the purchase.  Fortuity 2 comes with everything you need to perform right away. This includes a specially designed, custom printed gimmicked rainbow deck, two quality dice, the envelope and in depth video instructions.