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Final Cut Pro
  • Final Cut Pro


    A collection of FIVE stunning effects

    with stickers like no other!




      Please click the thumbnails above to see performances of all the effects as they are all quite different!

      Final Cut Pro is a compilation of effects using a unique set of custom stickers, designed as poker chips, that contain a hidden secret!  The project includes FIVE killer routines which use a variety of props including playing cards, coins and business cards with the stickers.  It's also packed with innovative ideas from David Jonathan and incredible contributions from Craig Petty, Chris James & Kevin Aust!

      On the project you will learn:

      Casino Cut:
      A spectator-cuts-to-their-card style effect with a casino themed presentation, using a cut card, the special sticker and a kicker no one expects!

      Back To Back:
      A sticker held by the spectator vanishes while in their grasp and re-appears on a card they had previously selected... and that's not even the kicker!

      Sticky Business:
      A sticker vanishes from within a participant's hand and re-appears on a signed business card they have been holding in their other hand!  Not only that, you are able to implant a card in their mind and the sticker secretly contains the proof!

      Stuck on Silver:
      An examined coin is set on top of a mystery playing card to guard it, while a sticker is placed in their hand.  Another card is now selected and shockingly both this selected card and the sticker vanish and each reappear beneath the coin... and there's one more shocking twist yet to come!

      Beginner's Luck:
      A fun game in which a sticker is secretly placed on the back of one of four cards and your participant somehow always correctly guesses which card has the sticker!  You then switch it up, letting them place the sticker on any card, yet their free decision was predicted all along!


      This is a physical item that will be shipped to you typically within 24 hours of the purchase.

      Each set includes the following:

      • 50 custom printed hand-crafted special stickers
      • A casino cut card
      • Two high quality replica Morgan dollars (with steel cores)
      • Specially prepared cards
      • Access to 2 hours of video tutorials (which can be streamed or downloaded)

      All the routines work with any deck of cards, take up no pocket space, are easy to do and the special stickers make for a novel giveaway if you choose to do so (some effects use refills, while others do not).


      “Final Cut Pro is classic David Jonathan.  He has gone and made stickers cool and magical”
      - Chris James

      "This was one of the first effects David showed me the first night we met.  I still have the sticker.  Absolutely 100% recommend for workers and pros alike!"
      - Andrew Neiner