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Dice Flash Cards
  • Dice Flash Cards


    The beautifully designed props as featured in

    STRANGE DICE from Sumology!


      Strange Dice has emerged as one of the standout effects from the Sumology project.  It's a wonderful match up style mentalism routine with a lovely kicker that is quite fooling despite being a self-working effect.

      The feedback was great, but there's been a demand for a specially printed set of the flash cards used in the routine (rather than having to draw them all by hand). Well, ask and you shall receive because here they are!

      The Dice Flash Cards feature a minimal custom design that is both authentic and innocent. They are printed on plastic PVC stock for added durability and if they get dirty you can simply wipe them clean!  The cards are also quite versatile and could be used for other routines as well.

      Each set includes the following:

      • 30 Dice Flash Cards
      • Prediction cards (in different styles for various handlings and presentations)
      • A hand crafted black envelope
      • Access to a brand new tutorial video teaching the Strange Dice routine

      Everything is ready to perform right out of the box - no DIY required!


      This is a physical item that will be shipped to you typically within 24 hours of the purchase.  The package comes with the specially printed cards on PVC plastic stock, a hand crafted black envelope and a link to over 35 minutes of online video instructions (which can be streamed or downloaded).



      "My favorite effect from Sumology.  It really opens up a lot of possibilities for school and education shows."
      - Wayne Goodman

      “Quality cards and a great, fun little trick!”
      - Magic Orthodoxy