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Control where ANY QR code or barcode scans to!


    QR codes and barcodes have become a fixture in society - we see dozens each day as we go about our lives.  With DEQODE, you will have the ability to "hack" any code so you are in complete control of where it scans to on your phone.  Imagine this...

    Movies / IMDB
    They freely pick their favorite film from a list of the best comedies from a magazine editorial page.  An envelope containing your prediction is opened and inside is a gag reveal of a card advertising IMDB - of course their chosen movie is on the site!  But when you scan the QR code that's on the card, it goes to the IMDB page of the film they selected!

    Playing Card
    A single playing card is placed facedown and ask your participant to name ANY card - let's say they go for the 2 of Clubs.  You dramatically turn the card over and...  it's sadly the Jack of Diamonds.  But you point out that these are the new cards from Bicycle that have a QR code hidden on the Jack's attire as this card is considered to be a "wild card".  When you scan the QR code, an image of the 2 of Clubs appears on the phone's internet browser!  (Note: There is just one example of what can be done with this card.  We also teach an ACAAN, using it as an instant out for any routine and a lot more!  You can even scan the barcode on the card box for the same reveal as well!).

    Music / Spotify
    On the flipside of the magazine editorial page from the Movie effect is an ad for Spotify showcasing 10 popular artists.  They freely choose any artist and as a crazy coincidence, scan the QR code on the ad and it goes directly to that artist's Spotify page!

    Grocery Receipt
    A small envelope is removed from your wallet that contains a receipt from your last food shopping haul.  You hand it to your participant and ask them to pick any item from the list, then mention you predicted their item in the envelope!  You tip out a cutout of a UPC barcode and proudly say there it is!  It gets a good laugh, but the humor turns to amazement when you scan the barcode and it loads up a google search result of their freely chosen item!

    Celebrities / X (Twitter)
    Your participant picks their favoriate celebrity from a list, and on the backside of that list is a QR code that scans directly to that celebrity's X/Twitter page!

    A mini takeout menu from a local restauarant featuring their special dishes is given to your participant so they can choose from one of three appetizers, entrees and desserts.  On the bottom of the menu is a QR code with the Chef's Picks - when scanned it launches a YouTube video showcasing the exact three items the spectator had selected!

    Your participant is holding a pack of cards and a QR code is in full view.  You ask them to name any card, then the QR code is scanned to reveal a number in a novel way - for example, let's say it plays the song "22" by Taylor Swift.  They deal down to the 22nd card and it is the card they freely named!

    Funny Gags
    You are not just limited to performing magic/mentalsim as you can use this for hilarious gags.  Imagine scanning a QR code on your friend's business card and showing them they must have made a mistake as the scan leads to an X-rated website!  Or scanning a McDonald's ad that goes to Burger King's website.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

    DEQODE also comes with templates so you can easily create your own customized effects!

    Key Points

    • Works on both iOS and Android
    • Setup is extremely easy and only takes a few minutes to do!  No need to be fluent with technology, DEQODE does all the heavy lifting for you!
    • Incredibly easy to perform
    • An ideal EDC - everything packs flat and can fit in your wallet


    This is a physical item that will be shipped to you typically within 24 hours of the purchase.  All the props are custom designed and include custom printed cards, the magazine page, UK and US grocery receipts printed on the most durable thermal paper available and all the digital assets and components for both iOS and Android.  You will also receive access to 1 hour of video instructions from David Jonathan and Kevin Aust.