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Cutting Edge
  • Cutting Edge


    Three Devious Effects Where The Spectator Finds Their Card!


      Cutting Edge is a compilation of THREE powerful effects that blur the lines between fate and coincidence.  You will learn how a spectator can select a card, shuffle it into the deck... then they find their card in various incredible ways, with a few kicker surprises.  Here are the effects included on this project:

      Destined  -  Predict a freely isolated card with a stunning revelation!

      The Jokers are taken out of a deck and a spectator is invited to select a card.  Their selection is shuffled back into the deck, then the cards are spread face down. The spectator is now asked to freely insert the Jokers face up around any card, isolating it from the others.  This mystery card is now turned over to reveal that, incredibly, the spectator has found their selected card!  If the effect ended right here, it would already be great… but in a jaw-dropping finale, the Jokers are then turned over to show the spectator’s card was predicted on the backs of the Jokers, proving everything was inevitable!


      A Cut Above  -  The spectator stabs a cut card into the pack directly above their selection, with a twist!

      A selected card is shuffled and lost into the deck.  A casino cut card is now introduced and handed to the spectator to insert anywhere in the pack.  Incredibly, the spectator’s card is found directly below the cut card!  For a kicker climax, the cut card is then turned over to reveal a secret written prediction of the spectator’s card!  This is the most logical and direct effect to use a casino cut card.


      The Final Cut  -  The spectator cuts to their signed card from a deck they shuffled under test conditions!

      The spectator points to any card, signs it, and it is lost in the deck.  A casino cut card (double blank card) is now introduced and set aside.  The deck is spread on the table and given a wash shuffle (as fair and genuine as they do in casinos) – the spectator can even help mix the cards.  The cards are gathered and then ribbon spread across the table.  The spectator now inserts the cut card anywhere they like into the spread.  With no funny moves, the deck is cut directly where the cut card was inserted. The card right below the cut card is now turned over and, amazingly, it is the spectator’s signed card!


      Key Points:  Both non-gimmicked and gaffed versions are taught on Cutting Edge.  Multiple handlings are also included that are suitable for any skill level.  All the effects can be performed In-The-Hands (no table required) and you can easily change the outcomes for each performance.

      Learn the clever secrets now and start astounding your spectators today!




      This is an Instant Download containing over 1 hour of streaming / downloadable video and a PDF, available immediately after purchase.




      “All [the effects] are easy to do and will appeal to lovers of Bannon and Trost.  I would recommend this package, you will have fun with it.”

      - Jim Canaday, (FULL REVIEW)

      “I love the premise in The Final Cut... it will be something I use going forward... I doubt many would be disappointed for the price, regardless of skill level.”

      - Adrian Fowell (


      “Destined is a real fooler, and one you can perform for both a lay audience and fellow magicians with equal aplomb... These effects are meticulously designed by a magician, for magicians, and I'm convinced you'll appreciate CUTTING EDGE. It has my recommendation.”

      - Rick Carruth, The Magic Roadshow (FULL REVIEW)


      “Love [Destined]!  Easy to perform and comes with strong magical moments!  The best part... the spectator seemingly does all the work!”

      - Michael O'Brien