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Color Sync
  • Color Sync


    They make EVERY decision. 100% free choices.  When the cards are turned over, THEY MATCH PERFECTLY.  No table needed, no skill required!  Pros are raving!


      Color Sync is a stunning, test conditions matching effect with seemingly no trace of a method to be found. Everything looks exactly as it should and yet with NO moves at all, somehow the colors always match 100% of the time!

      Best of all, there is no need for a table - the effect can be done entirely in the hands and resets instantly!

      Here’s what happens:
      Two matching sets of color cards are presented - one with white backs, the other with black backs. One set is handed to the participant to shuffle while the performer mixes theirs. The participant freely pairs their face-down cards to the performer's cards in any order they like. When the cards are turned over, jaws hit the floor as the colors are all a PERFECT match every single time!

      It's a miracle accomplished with seemingly no method other than their intuition.

      You will learn mutliple handlings, including an In-The-Hands version that is perfect for strolling as well as an insanely clean Tabled Version (be sure to watch the second trailer above!).

      Here are some key points to remember:

      • The cards do ALL the works for you!
      • No equivoque or verbal gymnastics of any kind
      • No marked cards, no displacement moves, no "jazzing"
      • 100% free choices by the participant throughout the entire routine
      • Super practical and diabolically clever method
      • Instantly resets right in front of your audience
      • The performer can even show the faces of their set of cards at any point in the routine

      The modern and elegant cards, with its vivid colors, are instantly accessible to any audience and are well suited for both magicians and mentalists alike.  The bold colors can also be seen clearly from further away, making this a great solution for parlour performances in addition to close-up!

      This is surefire, visual mentalism that packs a huge punch - you and your audiences will absolutely love Color Sync!



      This is a physical item that will be shipped to you typically within 24 hours of the purchase..  You will receive the special cards that make this amazing effect possible, along with 1 hour of instructional videos (which can be streamed or downloaded) that takes you through everything in detail.



      "The holy grail of matching effects! This is by far the best method I've seen - the cards do all the work and it looks so clean it's criminal. With no table needed and an almost instant reset, it’s perfect for strolling magicians and mentalists!"
      - Gary Jones

      "David has taken one of the strongest ESP plots and given it a brand new look along with a punch-to-the-gut high impact climax."
      - David Regal

      "This is great. Just great. Like I am going to use this all the time great!"
      - Jon Armstrong

      "I love everything about Color Sync. No abstract ESP cards, no table needed, and an AMAZING method that’s a worker!"
      - Greg Rostami

      "An exceptional piece of direct and visual mentalism that will leave audiences dumbfounded. It’s also easy to understand, making it perfect for loud working environments or if there is a language barrier. The best thing of all is that it is completely self-working. Highly recommended!"
      - Paul Brook

      "An amazingly visual matching effect! Superbly thought out, easy to follow and very direct. This is an absolute winner!"
      - Steve Dela

      "Color Sync really is one of the best card matching effects!"
      - Alex Kirk (Propdog / Monster Magic)

      "Its going straight into my top set!"
      - Rooster Robertson (Roo's Reviews)

      “A very clever routine and a very clean match up effect!”
      - Michael Murray

      "This is going into my act - 100%"
      - Craig & Ryland Petty