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Blank Flash Cards
  • Blank Flash Cards


    The standard blank deck has been re-imagined in new ways to enhance your performances!


      As performers, we strive to stand out by crafting unique and memorable experiences for our spectators. This can mean performing routines without traditional playing cards, instead using cards on which we write drawings, names, words, symbols or numbers written on them to better resonate with our audiences.

      Unfortunately, traditional blank face decks were never the ideal prop for these routines for a variety of reasons.

      • Standard back designs (e.g. rider backs) are rarely related to the subjects drawn on their faces - why would cards depicting food, movies or celebrities have a back design of angels riding bicycles?
      • If your intent is not to do a card trick, why use the most recognizable playing card back design?

      • Blank faced playing cards do not exist to laypeople, so they may view them as “trick cards” from a magic shop

      • Double blank cards are not a better alternative as they suffer from a lack of definition. If you spread them, it’s a “sea of white”, difficult to tell where one card ends and the next begins

      Blank Flash Cards were created out of necessity as a simple new prop that solves all of these issues:

      • A minimal, universal back design was crafted so that the look now fits the context of ANY routine, no matter what’s written or drawn on them

      • Borders were added to the faces, eliminating the “sea of white” so that each card is clearly defined

      • Written or drawn subjects are now distinctly framed, adding a visual touch and distinguishing them from standard playing cards

      • The box design provides a context and justification as to why the cards exist

      This unique new prop will enhance many of the effects that you already perform, but to get your creativity flowing, three distinctly unique routines from David Jonathan and Nikolas Mavresis are included.

      So grab a set of Blank Flash Cards and elevate your magic and mentalism with these beautiful new props!


      "I use them all the time - they are brilliant!"
      - Wayne Goodman


      This is a physical item that will be shipped to you typically within 24 hours of the purchase.  The cards are printed on Pro Size card stock (3” x 4.25”), which is a bit bigger than poker size, making these ideal for parlour and close up performances.  Each set contains a full deck of the cards, a double backer, a double facer and a link to 45 minutes of video instructions.