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Black Mirror Project
  • Black Mirror Project


    SEVEN Mind-Altering Routines For Your iPhone


      From the best-selling creator of VOX and Synergy, David Jonathan is back with more powerful mentalism using the most common and relatable object in the world: your phone. Black Mirror Project has been in development for over a year and features SEVEN mind melting effects that are a must have for any mentalist!

      Book Test: A stunning rendition using the Books app. You hand them the phone, they choose a book, swipe to a random page and remember a word they see. They can even hand the phone to a friend who swipes to another page and also remembers a word. Without ever retrieving the phone and with nothing spoken or written down, you instantly reveal the thought of words! It’s a stunning effect that always uses the genuine pages in the Books app!

      Lotto: Six lotto numbers are freely named, which perfectly match the winning numbers on a photo of a lotto ticket in your phone’s photo gallery! This uses a clever combination of methods that make this impossible miracle a reality! A bonus variation is also included that adds a jaw-dropping, hilarious kicker ending to the routine.

      Word Peek: A test conditions, digital equivalent of a center tear with a locked phone. You will love this sneaky, bold peek!

      Photo Prediction: Predict a thought of object or animal in your photo gallery, or even as your wallpaper, without ever touching the phone! Multiple variations are included with a variety of methods.

      Birthday Gift: An item is freely chosen from a list of 30 birthday gift ideas. In your gallery is an album titled “Your Gift” with just one photo inside, and it’s of the gift they chose! Not only that, the date that photo was taken astoundingly happens to be their birthday!

      Maps: A free choice of any city is revealed to have been predicted in Google Maps in a hands-off manner.

      Vacation: A destination is chosen from a list of the Top 20 travel hotspots across the world and any date is named for when they would like to go. Impossibly, you knew exactly what they would choose as earlier you had placed a photo in your gallery that is undeniable proof they would pick that location! You show it’s a generic photo of a beach – which seemingly could have fit ANY of the destinations from the list. However, the geo-tag of the photo proves it really was taken at their chosen location, and if that wasn’t enough, the date of the photo matches the date they had named! (This effect requires iOS 17 or later).


      • Not a magic app – uses native features available from Apple in iOS
      • Incredibly easy to perform - can be done by any skill level!

      • Every effect ends clean

      • Compatible exclusively with iOS devices running iOS 13+ (iOS 17+ is recommended)

      • iOS only - not supported for Android devices (sorry)

      • No language restrictions

      • Multiple variations of each effect are taught

      • Setup is taught in crystal clear detail with over 3.5 hours of video instruction

      • Certain effects require an internet connection to perform while others work offline.

      • Every routine can be performed with just your phone, though optional handlings are also taught that use any inexpensive Bluetooth selfie remote for certain routines

      • Supports integrations with popular apps including Inject, QR Genie & Hydra

      Once your phone is equipped with these mesmerizing routines, you will be ready to absolutely destroy audiences at any time!


      “David has done an incredible job with his Black Mirror Project. There are so many effects possible that are all so well thought through, and the integrations really take it all to the next level.”
      - Marc Kerstein

      “David has done it again; Black Mirror Project is amazing! It’s the most varied use of Shortcuts that I’ve seen. The Book Test alone is worth the price. Any eBook, hands off and nothing for the participant to find - just impossible! This is the strongest phone magic you can perform and it’s perfect for everyone from professionals to hobbyists.”
      - Rich Relish

      “Black Mirror Project transforms your phone into an insane magician's tool. The best part? No apps, no compromises. David performed some of these routines on me and they totally blew my mind! You're not just learning great routines – you're gaining a set of skills to create incredible and memorable magic.”
      - Joel Dickinson

      "In Black Mirror Project, you are not only getting cutting-edge Shortcuts, you are getting some of the best mentalism you can carry with you at all times. The black mirror of your phone screen will illuminate, and then the power will be yours!"
      - Paul Brook

      "I truly believe this will be one of, if not the best, tricks that comes out this year.  I can’t say enough good things about it… this is incredible!"
      - Tyler Lunsford

      “David Jonathan does it again!  It is just insane what this project can do. The Lotto prediction alone is worth the price.”
      - Mark Traversoni (Saturn Magic)

      "This is some next level phone magic!  David absolutely crushed it with this one… go get this!”
      - Nicholas Lawrence

      “David Jonathan is a genius, he’s completely leveled up Shortcuts! It’s one of the best phone effects that has come out in a long time - if you have an iPhone you have to get this!”
      - Blake Aleong

      "Black Mirror Project is the best release yet using the Shortcuts methodology. There is magic here that just seems… truly impossible.  If you own an iPhone, and are happy to use it in performance, this is a must-buy."
      - Mark Elsdon



      Black Mirror Project is an instant digital download that includes all of the components, assets, video tutorials, a detailed PDF guide and exclusive access to a private Facebook Group.