TOCAAN (Deluxe Edition)

TOCAAN (Deluxe Edition)


The Only Card At Any Number



    TOCAAN (Deluxe Edition) is the culmination of more than five years of work to create an astounding ACAAN with a shocking kicker ending!

    On the Deluxe Edition you will learn FOUR methods to achieve this stunning effect, including the following jaw-dropping routines:

    TOCAAN (Virtual Version):
    A deck is placed in FULL VIEW, isolated on the table - the camera NEVER moves or switches the entire time! The participant freely chooses ANY card from their OWN deck and names ANY position from 1-52. You pick up the deck, which has been ISOLATED on the table from the very start, and cleanly count facedown to the number named. Not only is the participant's freely chosen card found BANG ON at that position, but EVERY other card in the deck is revealed to be BLANK! (You do not need to be tech savvy or use any special broadcasting tools to perform this.)

    TOCAAN (Live Version):
    You hand the participant a deck of cards and have them mentally create a playing card. You ask them to intuit which position that card lies in the pack they have been holding the entire time (they can really say any number!). The participant deals facedown to that position and incredibly it is their THOUGHT OF CARD!  For the stunning finale, the rest of the cards are turned over and every single one is BLANK! (This was designed as a practical solution for traditional live performances)



    The Deluxe Edition includes everything taught in the Virtual Edition, plus THREE additional methods, the SPECIAL DECK & the ACCESSORY GIMMICK (to perform the Live version).

      Virtual Edition Deluxe Edition
    Virtual Version
    Live Version  
    Parlour Version  
    Advanced Version  
    Special Deck & Gaffs  
    Accessory Gimmick  
    Video Instruction 20 minutes 1 hour

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    “Super commercial! The strongest ACAAN that has been released on the market.”
    - Craig Petty

    “What a wonderful solution to ACAAN - it’s so easy to follow and so clean!"
    - Magic Orthodoxy




    This is a physical item that will be shipped to you in 24-48 hours after purchase.  The package comes complete with all the Gimmicks needed to start performing right away and access to the video instructions, which can be streamed or downloaded.