Any Card… Any Number… One Lucky Card!  An Incredible Double Prediction!

  • ARBITRIUM is an incredibly powerful double prediction effect that leaves audiences baffled- including magicians!


    Imagine placing a lucky card, your prediction, in your pocket. You then bring out two decks, one with numbered cards and one standard deck. The spectator makes an actual free choice from each deck, selecting one number and one playing card. You then remove your lucky card to show its not only a perfect match to the freely selected card, but it also has the chosen number boldly drawn on it!  An exact coincidence -- proving that it truly is a lucky card!


    The 50-minute video download covers multiple variations, including versions with just one deck. You will also learn how to adapt it to a variety of other creative ideas (such as names, drawings, colors, etc.).  You will also find a bonus video that shows how using a common utility device can even further enhance the routine.  Better yet, you'll discover how easy this is to do, how easy it is to reset, and how very practical the handling is.


    Please note that there is a one-time, easy DIY construction to setup the decks for the effect, which uses materials that most performers likely already have.

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